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Automobile and automobile parts industry: technological innovation and the upgrading of consumption

The release date:2014-12-30

Auto increment to stock + + Internet penetration policy support the upgrading and transformation of industrial chain,the three factor cross facilitation brought the first big investment in the main line: activation of the stock -- the policy needs of resonance, the prosperity of the starting point. Policy support effect of upgrading transformation + Internetindustry chain penetration under the two factors brought about second major investment in the main line:Technological Innovation -- self breakthrough, just at the moment. Policy support to upgrade the effect of transformation + Internet industry chain penetration two factors brought about third major investment in the main line: the upgrading of consumption -- the SUV market is surging, the outstanding person wins.

Activation of the stock: the policy needs resonance, boom starting point

The four segments of the market prospect is broad, the core point is broken bureau + model innovation policy. The car market after the breakdown of the field, in 2015 the core of optimistic about the four market segments:maintenance and repair (2020 1.7 space trillion, compound growth rate of 19% (2020), the second-hand car space2.1 trillion, compound growth rate of 33%), car rental (2020 122000000000 yuan, compound growth rate of 23%(2020), the automobile manufacturing space 38300000000 yuan, compound growth rate 22%). Broad marketundoubtedly, in 2015 the core aspect lies mode innovation policy and the Internet has broken bureau.Recommendation: solid gold shares + Fengshen shares + German group.

Technical innovation: self breakthrough, just at the moment

Three the direction of industry space is full, the core point is new product + model of independent enterprises. The automobile field core concern with certain technical innovation revolutionary: the new energy vehicle (2020 377500000000 yuan, compound growth rate of 60%), the car network (2020 34400000000 yuan, compound growth rate of 20%), intelligent driving (2020 21400000000 yuan, compound growth rate of 20%). The core of the three major areas of aspect is a new product of new breakthroughs in independent enterprise technology, new model andunder the influence of the internet. Recommendation: Yutong Bus + + better Electronics Asia Pacific shares.

The upgrading of consumption: SUV market surging, the outstanding person wins

High SUV growth is still continuing, the core point is Ford / Harvard brand in the large-scale SUV. It is expected that in 2015 the overall auto market is not optimistic (an +6.77%), but the SUV subdivision market upgrade backgroundin consumption, high growth can still view (an +33%). High income families travel + successful men bring status / personality two factors will bring large SUV in demand for the release of self driving, optimistic about Haf(independent leadership) + Ford (a joint venture of the new favorites) two brand recommend: the Great Wallautomobile + JMC + Changan automobile.

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