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2014-2018 auto parts industry market competition pattern analysis and investment risk forecast

The release date:2014-12-30

In the promotion of the national industrial policy and the automotive industry's rapid growth, China's auto parts enterprises technological level and production management level has been greatly improved, the formation of a large number of considerable strength of parts production enterprises. Has strong market competitiveness part of the enterprise, the product has entered the Multi-National Corporation's global procurement network, to meet theneeds of the domestic market, increase the intensity of foreign export. With the gradual improvement of China's automobile industry development and auto parts industry's international competitiveness, in the automotive parts,China auto parts import and export volume increased, among them, auto parts exports continue to be higher thanimports, and expand the trade surplus. In 2013, China's imports of auto parts up by 10.4% to $25370000000; auto parts exports grew 13.2% to $29060000000. Auto parts trade surplus of $3690000000, higher than the same period in 2012 of $2700000000. 2013 from the terms, exports, China's various types of exports of auto parts according to the level of the order is: driving system components, electronic parts and components, body accessories, engine parts, brake parts, engine parts, transmission system and steering system parts. In 2013, auto parts import country is still concentrated in Germany, Japan and South Korea, the three countries accounted for 72% of total imports.The 2013 auto parts export is mainly American, Japan, South Korea, the export share of the top three 41%.

In 2013, Chinese annual automobile production cross on the 20000000 step, the national automobile production and sales of 22116800 vehicles and 21984100, 14.8% and 13.9% growth respectively over the previous year,increased by 10.2 and 9.6 percentage points respectively over the previous year, the growth rate is higher than thebeginning of the year is expected to increase substantially. Sales exceeded 20000000 units to a record high, once again set a world record, has for five consecutive years won the first in the world. To 2015, will maintain high growth of 8% to 10%. In 2013 China's auto parts enterprises from the market point of view, the overall, operating income and net profit of China's 20 major automobile parts listed enterprises to achieve the rapid growth of two digit: total operating income 2709653000000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.15%; total profit of 188630000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 21.6%. These enterprises, more than 80% of net profit of enterprises to achieve growth, butonly three companies declined, in 2013 China's auto parts industry market size for 2669800000000 yuan, is expected to market in 2018 the scale of China's auto parts industry reached 4596237000000 yuan.

The next few years, the process of deepening the city, the disposable income of residents increased drivingautomobile industry steady growth, provides great support for the auto parts industry growth. Long term since, inthe biggest market of automobile industry casting industry, in recent years the development of China's automobile industry is constantly pulling casting industry has entered a new period of development, and in the rapiddevelopment at the same time, also led to the foundry industry, the rapid expansion of the market, and give itsbroad development prospects.

This research advisory report by Yu Bo Zhiye led written, in a large number of thorough market research basis,mainly on the basis of the National Bureau of statistics, the national Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the State Council Development Research Center, China Association of automobile industry, automobile industry association of Chinese Auto parts re manufacturing branch, the world autoorganization, auto industry association, Chinese China report hall, national and overseas various related periodicals and professional research institutions to provide large amounts of data and published, on China's auto parts and sub industry development status, the upstream and downstream industry development situation, development trends, competitive alternative products, new products and technology are analyzed, and analyzes the status and characteristics of the development of China's auto parts industry, and China auto parts industry will face the challenge, enterprise development strategy. The development trend of the report also to the global auto partsindustry are analyzed in detail, and the auto parts industry of trend analysis, auto parts business, the development of enterprises, service, investment institutions and other units to understand the current development of auto partsindustry dynamics accurately, grasp the fine positioning of the enterprise and development direction of the rare.

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